Green Roofing

Green-Roof-600x500NIR is committed to the practice of green roof construction and maintenance. There are a wide variety of green roof products available for both new construction and existing roofs to create a more earth friendly roof surface environment. A NIR Certified Roof Care Specialist can thoroughly explain your green roof options and offer more details about green design and construction related to roofing such as the LEED Program, Title 24, Green Tax Incentives and even Roof Product Recycling.

Two popular green roof options available for both new construction and existing roofs are cool roofs and garden roofs. An existing roof can effectively be transformed into a green roof by utilizing various green roofing techniques such as cool roofing and garden roofing. Both techniques help mitigate the concerning Urban Heat Island Effect. NIR Certified Roof Care Specialists can explain the benefits and options available related to green tax incentives and green roof products which quality for LEED Program credits.