What does NIR do?

NIR Roof Care, Inc.® is an industry-leading company with local service routes serving:

Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana


NIR Roof Care, Inc.® has established itself as one of the most knowledgeable maintenance services in the industry. NIR Certified Roof Care Specialists utilize only the top materials and equipment and back their performance with the assurance of the NIR guarantee of quality workmanship.

How do we do it?

At NIR, we look at your roof as money. The average roof replacement cost in the U.S. is currently valued between $9-$18 per square foot and rising as oil prices soar and inflation begins to set in. With over 8,000 combination choices to put on your roof, you need to trust who you allow on one of your most valuable assets. It is our mission to maximize the useful life of your current roof system, which maximizes your return on investment. Our proven system will start saving you money immediately with the reduction in leak emergencies, and the per occurrence amount you will need to invest to keep your roof watertight. You will also receive detailed reporting with information that will provide accurate budgeting and predictable output. Ultimately, NIR Roof Care Plan®s will maintain your roof for less than 1% of the roof value.  A Certified Roof Care Specialist® is the answer to extend the life of your buildings’ roofs by maintaining them, not replacing them.  Roofs move, expand, and contract every single day because of regular changes in temperature. Your roof needs to be regularly inspected and maintained. Its thermal-mechanical movement requires your roof to be closely monitored, with Certified Roof Care Specialists performing the necessary roof care to keep the roof in as good condition as possible.

What is a Certified Roof Care Specialist®?

NIR has combined the old roofing line into one expert roofer, the Certified Roof Care Specialist®. In 1987, we launched NIR University to train qualified roofers on how to take proper care of a roof. Until this breakthrough, salesmen had been the ones who sold roofing, but NIR understood that roofers know more about roofing than salesmen do. We also recognized the value of roofers who had experience and searched for roofers with at least 10 years in the industry.   Our professionals perform their work with such expertise, it is Like We Were Never ThereSM.  Just a simple check-in and check out, no disruption to your company at all.  Just expert Roof Care or Roof Consultation. Having a dedicated RCS coordinate all aspects of your roof’s care is like visiting the same doctor for every checkup. Each time your RCS returns, he becomes more and more familiar with the roof. He starts to know where potential problems may arise and is able to closely monitor those areas. Having a good relationship with your roofer brings peace of mind you can’t get anywhere else.