We Serve the Greater Chicago and Chicagoland Area, Northern Illinois, Southern Wisconsin & Northwestern Indiana

NIR offers roof maintenance, repair, and replacement. While our largest fleet of NIR Mobile Service Units are dispatched from our corporate headquarters in the Huntley IL, our service area includes the greater Chicago and Chicagoland area, as well as areas in northern Illinois, Southern Wisconsin, and Northwestern Indiana. We are always stocked with an array of quality products to meet all of your needs. Can NIR service your roof? You bet! We can care for you anywhere, at any time!

Who Does NIR Serve?

We also offer 24/7 service to aid you in the event of an emergency. The NIR team always has your back!

Can You Service My Roof?

If you are located within one of our service areas then yes, NIR can service your roof! We specialize in commercial roofing, and proudly work within a large range of industries, from education, health care, non profits, municipalities, and more. We help both large and small businesses protect their buildings, inventory, employees, and customers through dependable roof installs and ongoing roof maintenance. In fact, our Roof Care Plan® is an excellent way to ensure your roof’s performance is in top shape year after year. At NIR, we focus on preventative care over total replacement, and will make sure your roof is free of cracks or deterioration that could lead to leaks and other major issues.

Schedule an Appointment to Have NIR Service Your Roof

With over 40 years of exceptional service, NIR serves commercial buildings in the midwest and beyond. Our Roof Care Specialist®s are ready to help, so contact NIR at 800-221-ROOF (7663) or use our mobile app to kick start your roof maintenance plan. We look forward to serving you! Click on any of the links below to see how we can help your organization!