Small And Medium Sized Businesses Can Count On NIR As A Trusted Roofing Specialist


From the small town USA coffee shop to the 90,000 sq. ft. warehouse, NIR Roof Care understands that protecting one of your most valuable assets is essential to your business.



You can’t have unexpected issues visible to your customers as they come in to purchase items or have a service performed. You can’t lose a customer because water leaked on their order. Unanticipated expenses can’t happen. Call your roofing professionals at NIR to be sure your budgeted amount is adhered to and a quick response to issues is essential to your needs.


Do you need to replace a roof for your small business in Milwaukee, Rockford, or Chicago? Perhaps you're interested in a mid-sized business roof replacement near Gary, Indiana, or you're simply looking to have your pre-existing roof inspected or maintained. Whatever your needs, trust NIR Roof Care, Inc. for roof care services in the Southwestern corridor of Lake Michigan.

We've been a leading commercial roofing business since 1987, we offer over 8,000 combinations of roofing components, and set an example in our regional industry through our commitment to green technologies and building design. Read on to learn about small to mid-sized business roof replacement and maintenance services we can provide. Then, get a free quote on the roof job you need done in Beloit or Madison via our satellite imaging system!

Our Roof Care Services 

  • Coating: Over time, the sealant that helps glue your roof together can break apart, leaving cracks for water to get through. If water gets through your roof, expect expensive damage to your ceiling. Coating helps to add another protective water barrier to your roof!
  • Thermal Imaging: We can use infrared technology to pinpoint leaks and other vulnerabilities in your roofing system, so that we can efficiently repair your roof for less than the competition!
  • Green Roofing: Want to do your part to reduce your impact on the environment? Not only do we use green materials when doing small to mid-sized business roof replacement or maintenance, but we can also use roof coats and materials to make your roof better at deflecting sunlight. When your roof absorbs too much sun, your building heats up, and you waste more money on A/C, which is also bad for the O-Zone.
  • Roof Replacement: If you're looking to replace a roof for your small business, or you're seeking mid-sized business roof replacement, rest assured that we can do the job affordably, efficiently, and effectively. We also provide a complimentary year of our NIR Roof Care Plan®.

Maintain or Replace a Roof for Your Small to Mid-sized Business 

If you have any questions about our roof care services, don't hesitate to call us at 800.221.ROOF. You can also explore our FAQ for quick answers to the most common questions! We look forward to saving your business money on expert roof service!

NIR Roof Care is there for Small to Mid Size Businesses. Below are some of the companies NIR works with:

Huntley American Legion


Heartland Bank & Trust

Pet Vet

Lazy-Boy, Algonquin

The Body Shop of Barrington


Devonshire Nursing Home

Burnham Liquors

Tiffany’s Restaurant

Allison’s Truck Lift

The Shop Mart

BMO Harris

Unique Yarns

Fox Sprinkler Supply Corp

Ace Hardware

Napa Auto Parts

Icon Metal Craft