Add $70,000 to $3,000,000 to your bottom line in minutes!

We want you to save money and experience worry-free commercial roof care.  With the NIR Roof Care Plan you can! Call (800) 221-7663 or fill out the form below to schedule a roof inspection.

NIR Roof Care can fix your commercial flat roof leaks, and add $70,000 to $3,000,000 to your bottom line in just a few minutes. No, we aren’t using magic we just take care of one of your most expensive assets… YOUR ROOF! We do a comprehensive 27-point roof inspection including before and after photos. NIR Roof Care will show you the exact state of your roof and take excellent care of it so you don’t even have to think about it anymore. Talk about WORRY-FREE!! And, it’s so easy to use! Keep reading and I will tell you all the ways you can save using NIR Roof Care.

First, SAVE YOUR COMMERCIAL FLAT ROOF! The longer you wait to fix your leaks and maintain your roof, the more you will have to pay later. On your very first NIR service visit your NIR Certified Roof Care Specialist® will get to work on fixing your roof.  The Roof Care Specialist® will fix any minor repairs, take before and after photos and let you know the exact state of your roof.

With regular NIR Roof Care commercial roof maintenance, our customers will double the remaining life of their roof!

Second, SAVE YOUR MONEY! Did you know that most businesses dump their entire roof when it still has 30% of its life left? No one in their right mind would throw 30% of their paychecks in the trash, so why do this to your roof? Think about your average industrial building roof it can range from 100,000 to 500,000 square feet.  THAT’S A LOT OF WASTE!


Can you do the math?

Andy has a 100,000 Square foot commercial flat roof that’s 20 years old.  He thinks he might replace it soon.

Let’s do some simple math:

  • A typical roof last about 25-30 years
  • 100,000 SQ FT Roof costs about $3.50 per SQ FT to replace that’s $350,000 a huge bill!
  • The roof is replaced with 9 years still of life left (30% of 30) that means about $105,000 is wasted!

NOW, let’s do some NIR math for Andy

  • NIR doubles the remaining life of your commercial roof.
  • Andy’s roof is 20-years-old when he starts using NIR. His NIR Roof Care Plan® makes his roof last it’s full 30 years and extends its life 10 more years to last 40 years!
  • $116,680 of value is added to Andy’s investment!
  • NIR also saves Andy from throwing away his roof prematurely, saving him even more money!

Third, SAVE THE HEADACHE! NIR Roof Care is so easy to work with, and everyone here is friendly and helpful.  Each time you call, a REAL PERSON answers the phone! NIR will listen to you and help you with your roofing needs. We are always ready and available to fix your roof! We have a 24/7 roof emergency hotline, and we will have a Certified Roof Care Specialist® sent to your property within two hours of your phone call.

We never miss our scheduled service appointments.  We even reach out to you and plan them, so you don’t have to worry about your roof at all!  We also have a “Schedule Service” button on our website NIR.COM so you can quickly and conveniently plan visits around your schedule.


Please take a minute to read one of our customer’s testimonials:

“They come every spring and fall. Our President of our company called me and said ‘Hey, I want to get these guys in here and start working on our roof and doing maintenance on it.’ So, we did that.

I do my spring and fall maintenance and I usually have to call to remind people to come, but Bob (our Roof Care Specialist®) always comes without us having to remind him.  They call us and Bob shows up at the door and says ‘I’m here to do your maintenance for you.’ They are timely.  You don’t have to call. Pricing is very reasonable. It’s better than if you search for a company to fix a problem and they GET you because it’s an emergency!

Working with NIR has gone well. Once the maintenance is done, I get an email right away with pictures of everything. There’s before and after picture of everything they’ve fixed for me to sign off on.  No surprises, and everything is very easy to understand.”

-Customer working with NIR for 5 years


By now you see just how much NIR has to offer you. We were the FIRST in the business to create a plan to maintain your commercial flat roof and we are the BEST in the business.  With over 40 years of experience, why not choose the NUMBER ONE commercial roofing company in America?! We are friendly, available, and here to SAVE YOU MONEY!!! If you have a commercial building with a roof on it, NOW is the time to act.

Fill out the form below or call us at 800-221-ROOF (7663) and get started today!

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Timothy K Lynn, Founder, President & CEO of NIR Roof Care, Inc.

Let a NIR Certified Commercial Roof Care Specialist show you exactly what you need to be worry free!

Let a NIR Certified Commercial Roof Care Specialist show you exactly what you need to be worry free!