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The NIR Mobile® App is exclusive to all NIR Roof Care Plan® customers.  With a simple click of a button, you will be able to contact NIR, request a quote, schedule a service call and give feedback.  

Chicago-area business owners who are looking for commercial roofing applications won’t need to look further than the NIR mobile app! This innovative commercial roofing application allows established customers to get the roofing care they need at the touch of a button. Whether you need a roofing quote or emergency roof repair, the experienced team at NIR is here for you! Learn more about the NIR mobile app below, or contact our team if you’re looking for a roofing company near you!

Commercial Roof Care at Your Fingertips

The NIR mobile app takes the hassle out of finding the roofing quotes and roof care your Joliet-area business needs. Available exclusively to NIR Roof Care Plan® customers with a Service Level Agreement and property(ies), the NIR mobile app allows you to view your roof care plan, contact a specialist, and manage your property(ies) with ease. See the benefits of using the NIR commercial roofing application below:

NIR Mobile Features

  • View properties and their roof care plans
  • Receive quotes 
  • Schedule service appointments
  • Review previous purchase orders
  • Give feedback on services 

There’s always room for improvement! At NIR Roof Care we already have plans to make our app more efficient and productive for our customers. In the future, our app will allow customers to add additional properties independently and allow them to look up prospective buildings and have inspection services done at those properties. 

Whether you need an emergency roof repair, are looking for roofing quotes, or you want to report damage or areas of concern on your roof, the NIR mobile app allows you unmitigated access to our team of professional roofers and consultants. 

NIR Roof Care Offers Mobile Solutions

The commercial roofing app offered by NIR allows Chicago and Chicagoland area business owners the ability to manage their roof care plan and get roofing quotes at the touch of a button. Contact our team to learn how you can become a NIR Roof Care Plan® customer and download the app for your Crystal Lake properties.

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