Giving Back to God’s Kingdom is what NIR Cares is all about.

NIR Roof Care believes in helping our community, because community is what makes the world go around. What would a company be without its community? NIR was founded on the principle of lending a helping hand to those who need it, so that’s what we do! We help our customers support charities through our NIR Cares program. NIR customers can pick a charity of their choice and NIR Cares will donate money in their name.

Since 1980, NIR Roof Care, Inc. has aligned our business principles, ethics, and values with that of a Christian Company “All for the Glory of God”.  We showcase our purpose because it helps us to steward the goal of “Giving back to God’s Kingdom and the Sanctity of life, Women’s Dignity, and Love.” As NIR Roof Care, Inc has partnered with Save a Life International, we will continue to support women in crisis pregnancy situations in Ukraine, Poland, America, and around the world. Save a Life International has the vision to become a recognized Global Brand, A place for women to turn to for inspiration, support, and love in their time of need regarding their unborn child.  Nadia Gordynsky, the Founder/President and CEO of Save a Life International, and Timothy K Lynn, Founder/President and CEO of NIR Roof Care, Inc. are working together to develop a vast global footprint.  Together, we aim to reach a broader audience to grow funding to support the local life center model to save the lives of unborn children. Save a Life International and NIR Roof Care, Inc. share a vision to become a recognized global brand. We will continue to Give Back to God’s Kingdom with a place for women to turn to for inspiration, support, and love in their time of need.”