How To Maintain Your Roof

Will you spend a penny to save a dollar? It may seem silly to reply no to such a question, but millions of dollars are being spent every day to chase down roofing problems after they have caused a major disturbance to the building and its occupants.  However, the days of not taking care of your roof are over! Roofs are no longer thought of as break/fix items, where they get damaged and just replaced. They are too expensive of an asset. At a cost of $7 or more per square foot, a 50,000 square foot roof is worth $350,000 in today’s market! With 70% of roofs being replaced with 30% of their serviceable life still remaining, hundreds of thousands of dollars are being thrown away. Roofs don’t deteriorate all of a sudden. In fact, predicable decay of the various components that make up a “roof system” allow for trained professionals to key in on those areas on a scheduled basis and correct them before it turns into more costly and disruptive problems.

The NIR Difference

NIR literally wrote the book on Roof Care.  In a world with rising costs and soaring fuel prices, proper building maintenance has never been so Practical.  Help learn what over 34 years of experience has taught NIR Roof Care.  NIR literally wrote the book on Roof Care.  Call today 800.221.ROOF to get a copy!

Champions of Industry

Here's a great historical NIR Roof Care (formerly National International Roofing) video hosted by Mike Singletary of the 1985 Super Bowl Champion Chicago Bears and sportscaster Pat Summerall.  Take a moment to look back in time.  Even then, "Your Roof's Care, Was Our Concern."