Building owners are wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars in overhead – the roofs over their heads. Timothy K. Lynn, founder and chairman of NIR Roof Care, Inc. located at 12191 Regency Parkway, in Huntley, IL wants to fix that. Lynn has authored his first book, “The NIR Difference,” to educate building owners, property managers and facility directors the proper way to care for roofs.

 "Commercial roofs can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars,” Lynn said. “Most people do the broke-fix method. I pioneered service agreements in the commercial roofing industry.”

The book describes the roofing industry, past and present, and shows how National Int’l Roofing helps building owners maintain their investment.

Lynn explains how 70% of commercial roofs end up being replaced with more than 30% of their useful life still remaining. Not to mention that proper, ongoing care results in effective reduction of leak occurrences, often by more than 72%, and reduces annual spending by a minimum of 20%. However, the biggest benefit may simply be a larger return on one’s investment.

 “The NIR Difference” believes having the same properly trained professional inspecting and repairing minor issues on the roof on a regularly scheduled basis produces the best results.

“An assigned Certified Roof Care Specialist has the tools, equipment and professional knowledge to effectively care for your roof,” Lynn said. “Your roof is money, so protect it.”

Lynn, who said his company is 80 percent service and 20 percent replacement, finds that on average a roof less than 10 years in age should be visited at least twice a year, while those over 10 years be visited at least four times.

 Data going back about 25 years show that a NIR RoofTop Maintenance Service Agreement increases the roof life up to 12 additional years (average roof life is 17.5 years) and prevents premature roof replacement while providing accurate budgeting for future roofing needs

Service agreements run about $1,250 annually. NIR’s client list includes Kraft Foods, Simon Properties, Sears and Jones Lange LaSalle, as well as numerous small businesses, property management firms, hospitals, municipalities and school districts throughout the Chicago marketplace.

Lynn founded NIR Roof Care, Inc. in 1980. The company employs about 90 people. “Our goal is to be in all 50 states in the next five years. We want to be the Roto-Rooter or ServiceMaster of the roofing industry.”

The book currently is available in paperback at Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com.  

Timothy K. Lynn founded NIR Roof Care, Inc. in 1980 with a vision of building and growing an honest and ethical company that provided real solutions to its clients.  He worked intently to not only develop his list of clientele, but to create an environment that allowed the people that worked for NIR, opportunities to be successful beyond what they may have thought possible.  Today, NIR is a consistent leader in the commercial roofing industry by way of holding true to those original ideas.  With the second generation of this family owned and operated organization working alongside him, its certain those values and beliefs will continue to remain steadfast for generations to come.