Will you spend a penny to save a dollar? It may seem silly to reply no to such a question, but millions of dollars are being spent every day to chase down roofing problems after they have caused a major disturbance to the building and its occupants.  However, the days of not taking care of your roof are over! Roofs are no longer thought of as break/fix items, where they get damaged and just replaced. They are too expensive of an asset. At a cost of $7 or more per square foot, a 50,000 square foot roof is worth $350,000 in today’s market! With 70% of roofs being replaced with 30% of their serviceable life still remaining, hundreds of thousands of dollars are being thrown away. Roofs don’t deteriorate all of a sudden. In fact, predicable decay of the various components that make up a “roof system” allow for trained professionals to key in on those areas on a scheduled basis and correct them before it turns into more costly and disruptive problems.
Watch our How to Maintain Your Roof Video below and start saving thousands.