Roof Care – It’s Like Going to the Dentist

Since childhood, we have made it a habit of going to visit our dentist on a regular basis regardless of how diligent we were in brushing and flossing our pearly whites. We did this then and continue this habit now because we know that having a professional inspect our teeth, address the decay and identify any other potential problems will allow us to continue with a healthy mouth.  We know that addressing the problems before they become larger and more painful will also save us a lot of costly dental bills too. Taking care of your commercial roof should be looked at no differently.

Think about your roof the way you think about your teeth. Just like your canine and molars take daily abuse as they mince and grind up all the food particles we stuff inside our mouths, your roof is under attack daily as it endures the heat of the sun, cool of the night, rain, hail and wind. So, while you might think that your roof is all OK until something goes wrong, know that things are going wrong up there all the time, it’s really just a matter of when you want to take care of it.  

It is sometimes perceived that roof maintenance is simply someone walking around on a perfectly good roof, creating a bunch of proposals for more work and essentially generating more business for themselves. Another perception is that the time and money spent would simply be better allocated to addressing leaks once they arise. The truth of the matter is that problems are going to come up on your commercial roof regardless of what kind of attention you give to it.  As the owner of your building or as the property manager, you need to decide: “How much of a disruption to your building and your budget can you afford?”

Just like your teeth, your commercial roof needs a professional to check things out, address the existing decay and make the correct recommendations so that your roof continues to function in a way that results in minimal problems between visits and no PAIN on the pocketbook.

Lastly, it is also important to trust your dentist to not replace your tooth unless it is absolutely necessary.  On average, roof systems are replaced prematurely, with nearly 30% of their useful life still remaining. In the roofing industry, a traditional roofing contractors’ sales are comprised of 80% installation and 20% service & repair. NIR’s book of business is 80% service & repair and 20% installation. With that known, rest assured it is our mission to maximize the useful life of your current roof system in order to maximize your return on investment.

NIR’s proven Roof Care Plans will start saving you money immediately as you will enjoy an average of 20% savings on your roofing expenses with the reduction in leak emergencies and the per occurrence amount you will need to invest to keep your roof watertight. You will also receive detailed reporting with information that will provide accurate budgeting and predictable output. Ultimately, NIR Roof Care Plans will maintain your roof for less than 1% of the roof value.

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