Will you spend a penny to save a dollar? Building owners spend millions on fixing commercial roofing problems after they cause major leaks, but you can protect yourself and your property with a commercial roof plan. With 70% of roofs being replaced with 30% of their serviceable life still remaining, hundreds of thousands of dollars are being thrown away. What is a roof plan? At NIR, it’s a way to correct issues before they turn into costly repairs.

What is an NIR Roof Care Plan?

The NIR Roof Care Plan® is the number one preventative maintenance solution for your commercial roof. Think of it like taking your car in regularly for oil changes and tire rotations. With each RCP visit, your certified Roof Care Specialist® performs a 27-point inspection and takes action on:

  • Making minor repairs
  • Removing debris
  • Scheduling any necessary large repair jobs before they cause costly damage to your building

Depending on your commercial roof plan level, visits are done annually, bi-annually, three times a year, or quarterly.

With such a variety of coverage options, there is sure to be a NIR Roof Care Plan® to fit your company and your budget!

Get Your Commercial Roof Plan with NIR

With over 97,000,000 square feet of roofs under our care, we’ve optimized all of your roofing needs. First implemented in 1988, the NIR Roof Care Plan® customizes your roof’s care for every company and budget. Our commercial roof plan reduces leaks by 50% and doubles the remaining life of your roof: that’s our promise to you.

Once your commercial roof plan is in place, use our mobile app to schedule ongoing service! Take the stress out of caring for your roof in a few simple clicks. For more information on what is a roof plan and how to get yours, contact NIR today.