Terms and Conditions

  1. NIR Roof Care Plan® shall furnish and include:
    1. A Certified NIR Roof Care Specialist® in their Mobile Service Unit (MSU) with the materials, tools and equipment necessary to perform a comprehensive, 27-point maintenance inspection and minor repairs on intervals of your choosing.
    2. A detailed condition report and a minimum of three (3) photos will be submitted to the Building Owner/Representative following each service visit completed.
    3. Services included during visit depending on your roof type:
      • Cleaning of drains;  inspect drain components and tighten drain bolts as needed
      • Removal of miscellaneous roof debris from drains, gutters, and roof top membrane.
      • Repair minor deficiencies found on flashings, around roof penetrations and parapet walls, including soil stacks, skylights, curbs and vents, major issues above standard maintenance needing excess materials and personal will be submitted on a separate repair proposal.
      • Repair deficiencies found on field membrane, major issues above standard maintenance needing excess materials and personal will be submitted on a separate repair proposal.
      • Inspect mechanical equipment on roof & reporting observed deficiencies
      • Provide a written report on the condition of the roof area
      • Provide a written estimate for any repairs not covered in this agreement with membership pricing, to be completed upon separate approval from account representative.
      • Identify any and all issues covered under existing roof warranty – if applicable
      • Priority Emergency Services will be provided as a NIR Roof Care Plan® customer at an additional cost when requested.
      • If any safety equipment, tools, lifts, etc. are needed to properly and safely service the roof, NIR will submit an additional cost to the customer in order to provide these requirements.
  2. Termination of Agreement:
    1. Customer Account Representative or NIR may terminate this Agreement by giving sixty (60) days written notice. Prior to this notification of cancellation, the Customer Account Representative shall provide NIR with a fifteen (15) day cure period to resolve any issues or concerns.
    2. In the event that your property is sold, your NIR Roof Care Plan® SLA is fully transferrable to the new ownership.
    3. If customer building(s) is outside of NIR’s service area, NIR has the right to cancel service agreement and will provide written notice to the customer.
  3. Pricing Structure:
    1. The term of this Agreement shall begin on the date authorized and expire one (1) year thereafter. Thereafter this Agreement shall automatically renew for additional one (1) year periods until terminated. The Agreement can be reviewed by the Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce Representative and NIR to restructure the overall pricing and service interval if both parties agree to terms.
    2. NIR reserves the right to suspend this contract in the event of non-payment by the customer.
    3. Annual Cost of the work to be invoiced annually for authorized service level agreement selected with payment scheduled of net ten days from authorization.
    4. If approximate roof square footage is inaccurate, NIR will recommended upgrade and/or service costs will need to be increased to allot for proper service visits.
    5. A price adjustment may be made at the time of renewal based on the change in the Consumer Price Index, not exceeding 5% of the total value of this Agreement.
    6. NIR Roof Care, Inc®. will only use credit card information for purchases relating to the approved NIR Roof Care Plan® unless approval for other purchases are provided by the customer.