Are YOU Protected This Winter?

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When snow and ice build-up on your commercial property what should you do?  Better yet, what happens when that snow and ice begins to melt?  A lot of the time, it puts the people below in danger and the business owners at high risk for injury.

Ice is about 92% the weight of water.  A cubic foot of solid ice would plummet to the ground like a 57-pound rock; which brings up the question, as a Property Owner do you have a snow management system for your commercial roof? Or, is it a potential liability waiting to happen?  Property owners can be liable for damage or injury from falling snow or ice if it could have been prevented by proper maintenance.

Snow retention systems, or snow guards, are designed to reduce snow movement and provide controlled melt and breakdown of the snow mass into smaller sections.  These systems can prevent damage and injury not only to customers or objects on the ground, but can also prevent damage to your buildings gutters or lower roofs when the impact hits or accumulates on them.

Most mechanically-attached snow guards are secured with fasteners at or near the top of the standing seam, to place them above the base of the metal pan, when rain and snow melt-water flow down the roof.  Snow guards are available in various sizes, shapes, materials and designs.  That is why it is important to contact a reliable commercial roofing contractor to help determine what best fits your commercial roof system.

“We know the weather can fluctuate from day-to-day, so we want to offer our clients a solution.  With unpredictable weather across the country, don’t wait until it’s to late – be proactive and take precautionary steps to prevent damage to your roof and pedestrians below. “Safety is our #1 concern, and these products help reduce accidents drastically.  A couple dollars can save thousands in potential damage,” said Brett Polhill, Field Superintendent and Certified Roof Care Specialist at NIR Roof Care Inc.


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