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Deck Replacement Can Be The Most Crucial Part Of A Re-Roofing Project

It’s the part of the roof that gets even less attention than the roof. Hard to notice or even see in may cases, the job of the roofing deck is to hold up the thing that keeps everything dry. Not a big deal – unless it has suffered years of neglect and abuse. If the roofing is in bad shape, it does not bode well for the decking. Roofing damage is easy enough to assess, but figuring out how bad a deck is before the tear-off is a complex question. And if one spot is bad, who knows what shape other sections of the roof might be. A bad deck can create the biggest hole of all – one that more water can enter!

Metal roof decking has become the dominant platform for many types of buildings. There are a number of different profiles that have been made over the years and maintaining inventory would be daunting for roofing contractors. Yet, not having the right kind of deck replacement available will stop projects in their tracks. It is quite often to encounter a roof deck that can barely support its own wait and this created hazard for the contractor and building alike.

Typically, a full deck won’t have to be replaced during a retrofit, unless the building has a corrosive nature. For example, a battery company is Milwaukee, WI needed a complete roof deck replacement due to corrosive agents of the insulation that was used. Even the spot replacement or filling in old skylights can complicate job sites for fall protection.

Problems with the deck are not always apparent during the bidding process, so most roofing contractors will insert provisions that address possible issues. Even with protective wording, the need to be in front of the problem is important if the roofing project is going to be successful. A quality contractor will document the damages and be certain to communicate with the owner as to the extend of the additional repair needs and associated costs.

The demand on roof decks is greater than ever. Their service lives must be extensive while enduring all kinds of neglect. They must endure greater load and even rooftop gardens. And they must be repaired to their original condition.

When preparing to undergo a re-roof project that requires to have the roof removed down to the deck, be sure to inquire as to how the contractor will handle the deck repairs and what they anticipate based on what they have observed on the roof up to that point in time. Many times a quality contractor who is familiar with the property as a result of a service history can have a solid idea of where the problem areas will be. Also be certain to have a price built-in for the unexpected expenses as no one wants to be caught off guard once the demolition process has begun.

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