NIR is dedicated to providing customers the most comprehensive long-term Building Asset Management program in the industry. We understand that a roof can be the single most expensive item to ever be replaced on a building. NIR Building Asset Management programs are designed to educate customers as to the condition and projected life span of their roof. This accurate information enables NIR to recommend the necessary enhancements to increase the life span of a costly roof investment.

Building Asset Management begins with the creation of a customized roof survey completed by our expertly trained Certified Roof Care Specialists. This detailed multi-point roof inspection evaluates the current condition of the roof and helps to determine if it can be economically maintained. We also take into consideration the original installation date and warranties as well as previous maintenance and repairs. The final Building Asset Management roof survey report will recommend immediate repair needs as well as a customized repair and maintenance program with the end goal in mind of sustaining a roof to last as long as possible.

The valuable data collected from the initial Building Asset Management roof survey will be carefully inspected and analyzed by our Certified Roof Care Specialists. We will then prioritize a work schedule to include comprehensive short-term and long-term maintenance plans along with itemized budgets to ensure our customers’ ability to accurately forecast funding needs for future repairs and maintenance. The Building Asset Management cycle is an on-going process through which NIR proactively works to enhance the life of a roof on behalf of our valuable customers.

All Building Asset Management documentation will be recorded in detail and securely stored in our database to ensure quick future reference. Building Asset Management documents include the initial survey, historical data, short-term and long-term recommendations and budgets as well as all surveys, work orders, repair records, photographs, correspondence and support documentation.

The first step towards increasing the life span of a costly roof investment begins with the NIR RoofTop Analysis report. What follows is a dedicated long-term partnership in which NIR diligently works on behalf of our customers to provide actions plans complete with knowledgeable maintenance recommendations. The NIR Building Asset Management process allows customers to feel more comfortable understanding their future budget projections needed to ensure a long lasting return on their initial roof investment.


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