With over 43 years of business in the Tri-State are, NIR Roof Care, Inc is the leading commercial preventative roof maintenance service company. We operate under a proactive maintenance mindset rather than an expensive reactive one, where more roof leaks and replacements are completed. We have merged the roofer, the consultant, and the project manager into one person, the Certified Roof Care Specialist. Geographically we align one of our in-house Roof Care Specialist to service the buildings’ roofs in the city in which they live for immediate service and familiarity with the roof and our customers.

Each roof is assigned the same Roof Care Specialist to compete each service visit, access to 24-7 emergency services, a dedicated corporate account manager, and access to our customer portal sign-in. For every building we routinely service, roof inspections, repairs, cleanings, condition reporting, and budget planning is completed as a NIR Roof Care Plan member.


Being in business for over 43 years, NIR Roof Care, Inc was founded for the solution of providing a needed service to allow roofing costs to adhere to a standard operating budget. Statistically, roofs are replaced 30% too soon, due to improper routine maintenance and recommendations. Roofs are subject to the elements of mother nature and are constantly expanding and contrast, causing deterioration. Roof leak occurrences damage the insulation of the roofing system, allowing for disruptions to the building operations and occupants. Having reactive roofing measures for leaks also brings the roof to a premature replacement, making businesses complete the expensive capital project.

Our Procedure

NIR Roof Care does not want to prematurely replace any roofs or tap into capital expenses, rather move roofing costs to a minimal operating budget expense. This is reached through having a NIR Roof Care Plan implemented on each building. Our services have proven to reduce your annual roof leaks by 50% and increase your roofs remaining life expectancy by 100%. With our services, the entire roof will be inspected and the minor issues found will be repaired on the spot. The present drains, gutters, and roof top will be cleaned of debris and shown in the detailed service reports with photos of the completed repairs and any needed budget planning recommendations. The goal of our devoted team is to bring your roof to its maximum performance and keep it there. Regular service visits will address the current and future minor issues before they become major leak problems. Proposed NIR Roof Care Plans are tailored to coordinate with our customers budget and roof needs. By customers being proactive with their NIR Roof Care Plan, they are increasing their return on investment, by receiving more years of usable life of their roof an earning interest on any saved roofing costs. NIR Roof Care offers a dedicated team and service for our customers to be a roofing fiduciary in their operation with the NIR Roof Care Plan.

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