Who We Serve

Let Us Protect Your Flat Roof in the Greater Chicagoland Tri-State Area

NIR Roof Care® serves commercial, industrial, and public sector clients across Greater Chicago, including Northern Illinois, Southern Wisconsin, and Northwestern Indiana.

Industrial/ Manufacturing Facilities

We serve many industrial and manufacturing facilities that are 20,000 square feet or larger. Our expertise includes serving Production, Logistics, Refrigeration, Data Centers, Flex Space, Research facilities, and more. We can also serve smaller facilities depending on your needs and will ensure that your roof meets all code requirements for your industry.

Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities have unique roofing needs that we’re ready to service. We have experience repairing and maintaining roofs for Hospitals, Emergency Centers, and Doctor’s Offices. We understand the strict medical facility regulations and can ensure your building meets the necessary codes.

Education Facilities

A secure roof is a safe roof, which is vital for any educational facility. We’re experienced in serving Schools across the Tri-State area, including K-12, Colleges, Universities, Public Schools, and Private Schools. We offer non intrusive inspections and speedy repairs that won’t disrupt your school’s schedule.

Municipality Facilities

Serving municipal facilities means fulfilling more rigorous contracting requirements that are absent from much of the private sector. We’re adept at navigating this space and have served City Buildings, Libraries, Public Works Departments, Police Departments, Post Offices, Village Halls, Fire Stations, Park Districts, and more. We understand the unique constraints managers and directors face when looking for a reliable contractor and can work with you each step of the way.

Property Managers

A leaky roof can impact the reputation of your residential property and make current residents less likely to renew their leases. We offer prompt service to residential property managers, including Apartment Complexes, Townhome Communities, Condominiums, Commercial Buildings, and more. We can ensure that your roofs are free from leaks and will maintain them with a dedicated Specialist to prevent problems from happening in the first place.

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