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NIR Roof Care® has almost a half-a-century of experience serving businesses, governments, and flat roof residential complexes across Chicagoland and surrounding Tri-State areas. We transformed the roofing industry with our commitment to proactive and preventative maintenance, expertise, and building lasting relationships with our customers.

With our help, you can obtain the maximum value from your flat roof. It’s our goal to extend its life through regular maintenance and prompt emergency care. Find out how we’ll do that for you.



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How It Works

When you work with us, you’ll get a Certified Roof Care Specialist® who has passed our rigorous training program known as NIR University®. They’ll be permanently assigned to your building and will learn all there is to know about your roof. Your Specialist will be ready to provide continuous care to your roof and handle emergencies immediately to help you obtain the maximum return from your investment.

We will never recommend replacing your commercial roof unless it’s essential to protect your building. It’s our job to protect your investment with regular inspections and maintenance, prompt repairs, and select improvements that add value to your building.

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Timothy K. Lynn headshot

Timothy K. Lynn

Founder & Executive Chairman

In 1980, Timothy K. Lynn founded the Northern Illinois Roofing Company, which would eventually become the NIR Roof Care® of today. Mr. Lynn discovered that old line roofing companies were replacing roofs with 30% of the roof’s useful life left, costing tens of thousands of dollars to building owners.

Recognizing the industry’s “Break, Fix, Replace” model wasn’t in the customer’s best interest, Timothy transformed NIR from the ground up to a proactive business model—the “Original Roof Care Plan”—leading to the NIR Roof Management System® that gives NIR customers a truly single source for all of their roofing needs at a fractions of the cost.

Lynn authored and published The NIR Difference and NEXT STEP – How to Start Living Intentionally and Discover What God Really Wants for Your Life. Through the NEXT STEP system, Lynn helps people put faith into action through the four pillars, which consist of Faith, Self, Family, and Life’s work, providing individuals tools to take action to lead them towards a fulfilling life of achieving their goals and dreams. 

Meet Our Team

The NIR Roof Care® team is dedicated to bringing you world-class service to maximize the longevity of your roof. At all levels of our organization, we select for professionalism, friendliness, and knowledgeability to deliver you the best product. Our team is ready to answer any questions about maintaining, repairing, or replacing your roof.

Marcy Golonka headshot

Marcy G.

President & Chief Executive Officer

Tana Dvorak headshot

Tana D.

Vice Chair & Vice President of Strategy

Tim Alia headshot

Tim A.

Vice President of Marketing

Aaron Rutkowski headshot

Aaron R.

Vice President of Business Development

Tom Petska headshot

Tom P.

Project Manager

Jacob Burnquist headshot

Jacob B.

Certified Roof Management Advisor®

Miguel Garcia headshot

Miguel G.

Certified Roof Management Advisor®

Tori Rojek headshot

Tori R.

Certified Roof Management Advisor®

Frank Miller headshot

Frank M.

Brand Advisor

Phil Dopko headshot

Phil D.

Brand Advisor

Colleen H.

Customer Service Representative

Michelle H.

Customer Service Representative

Belen Durr headshot

Belen D.

Accounting Manager

Jonathan Lewis headshot

Jonathan L.

Collection Manager

Diane Kennett headshot

Diane K.

Accounting Clerk

Certified Roof Care Specialists®

NIR selects roofers to train as Certified Roof Care Specialists® through NIR University®. This rigorous training program teaches best practices and advanced techniques to ensure our roofers can deliver a quality end product.

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Since 1980, NIR Roof Care® has aligned our business principles, ethics, and values with that of a Christian Company “All for the Glory of God.”

NIR Cares®

At NIR Roof Care®, we believe in bringing our values to the world through action through NIR Cares®. Check out the work we’re doing to help improve the lives of others in our community and worldwide!