Our Services

We Are a Full Service Commercial and Industrial Roofing Contractor Serving the Greater Chicagoland and Tri-State Area

Since 1980, NIR Roof Care® has offered commercial and industrial roof maintenance and repair services throughout the greater Chicago and Tri-State area. Our commitment to care and quality raised the standard for roofing nationwide.

NIR Roof Care Plan®

With the NIR Roof Care Plan®, your building will be assigned a Certified Roof Care Specialist® who will conduct regular 27-point inspections on your roof.  With a proactive plan, your flat commercial roof can get the regular maintenance and updates it needs to work for its maximum lifespan, saving you money.

  • Reduce your leaks
  • Prolong your roof life
  • Diminish your capital expenditures
  • Receive proper budget forecasting
  • Ensure peace of mind

Emergency Services

With NIR’s emergency roofing services, you can give your roof the care it needs with 24/7/365 coverage! We’ll dispatch a Certified Roof Care Specialist® to repair your roof in the event of an emergency. Our quick action can save your building from more severe damage and protect your roof from requiring a complete replacement.

Roof Replacement

NIR offers roof replacements, but we will only do so when there’s no other option. Before then, there are many things we can do to extend the life of your roof. We’ll examine every aspect of your roof to determine if there’s some additional maintenance we can do to save your roof before scheduling you for a roof replacement. A roof replacement can be expensive, and we want to deliver you the maximum value for your investment.

Roof Improvement

Many buildings can benefit from a roof improvement, which can make your building easier to maintain while extending the life of your roof. This can be a much less expensive option than a total replacement and gives you added protection that can dramatically extend the lifespan of your roof. Speak with a Certified Roof Management Advisor® today to learn how we can improve your roof!


SIS Roof Proposals

We use satellite photography to map out your roof before sending anyone to inspect it with our Satellite Imaging System (SIS) Proposals. This allows us to get exact measurements for your estimate, giving you an accurate estimate for your roof work without disrupting your workflow!


Roof Coatings

A roof coating can waterproof your roof and reduce your energy bills. Most importantly, a roof coating can delay your need for a roof replacement by several years. We can send a Certified Roof Care Specialist® to inspect your building and find the appropriate roof coating material. Whether your flat roof faces sun or water damage, we can select a suitable coating to protect it from the elements!


Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging can reveal leaks that are invisible or hard to detect by the human eye. We can send a Certified Roof Care Specialist® trained to use our infrared leak detection technology to pinpoint leaks, water damage, and potential weaknesses in your roof. Then, we can recommend a course of action to seal up existing leaks and prevent new ones from forming.


Green Roofing

NIR was an early leader in green roofing technologies. Thanks to their environmental benefits and superior performance, we use them wherever possible. Our team of experts can help you meet sustainability goals and turn your roof into an asset that sets you apart from the competition.

Questions About Our Services?

We’re happy to answer questions about our services and what kind of care your roof needs to perform its best. We offer friendly, transparent service and are always ready to provide the information you need to make an informed decision about your roof!