Roof Improvement

Let NIR Upgrade Your Commercial Roof!

Our Roof Improvement services can help transform your existing roof into one that lasts decades! Commercial roofs typically last anywhere from 15-30 years, but many businesses find that theirs last much shorter amounts of time. With NIR Roof Care®, you can get more out of your existing roof without having to replace it as soon as you might think.

We can dispatch a Certified Roof Care Specialist® to inspect your roof and determine the upgrades it needs to maximize its lifespan. Our Roof Improvement service can help your business save tens of thousands on a total replacement. We can also potentially reduce your overall maintenance costs with our enhancements to your roof.

Why Get a Commercial Roof Improvement?

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A roof improvement can help to “smooth out” some design flaws in your existing roof. Many older buildings can significantly benefit from a modern roof addition that helps to protect vulnerable areas from damage, such as pooling water or too much sun.

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In many cases, adding an improvement to vulnerable areas of your roof can protect it from premature aging, which can require you to get a total roof replacement before its lifespan is over.

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With a roof improvement, you can update your roof with new technologies, such as green building materials and long-lasting UV-resistant coatings, at a much lower price than a total replacement would cost.

Get a Commercial Roof Improvement Today

Get a quote on your commercial roof improvement cost. We’ll work closely with you to determine the potential enhancements that can best enhance your building’s protection from the elements while adding to your existing roof’s strengths.