How Well is Your Commercial Roof Prepared for Spring?

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There are a number of important features around your commercial building that you should pay attention to, and the most critical of these is your roof. Your roof is the most essential surface on the entire property and if it took a beating during winter, you might be in for a great deal of issues as we enter spring.

Spring weather brings its fair share of winds and rainfall and if you’ve been ignoring roof maintenance, it’s not too late to get your roof assessed by trained and experienced roofing experts and prepare it for what lies ahead.

Why is spring care for my roof important?

Residing in the Tri-State area, all of the roofs were just layered in snow that did melt and then were resubmerged again before the season ended. Once the snow and ice melt, its important to walk around your commercial roof and examine its condition. Did you find holes and cracks? How come? Temperatures swing during winter and spring. This creates a freeze-thaw cycle that stresses the roof’s materials and impacts its tensile strength through rapid expansion and contraction.

Water from melted ice can seep through the holes on your roof and get into the walls of your office. It can also back up on the roof and flow elsewhere if the drainage is clogged. Nobody wants water dripping on their equipment, paperwork, and customers, hence, a springtime maintenance for your commercial roof will save you from serious occupational embarrassments. These faults should be checked and remediated immediately to ease you back into business as operations get back to full swing.

What Should I Check?


Field and flashings

Commercial roofs are susceptible to field and flashing issues. Search for signs of degradation and wear that could use some repairs on the roof’s field. Assess flashings that could be prone to leakages. Any tear in the roof’s membrane could be the causative factor.

Roofing materials

Most roofing membranes are elastic and have high tensile strength, but alternating heat and moisture can cause bubbles and leaks. Discard obstructions and check for lose or missing materials. If bubbling and peeling are prominent a roofing expert can suggest appropriate replacements in those sections.

Not inspecting your roofing structure not only makes it dangerous to navigate but can also conceal smaller issues when you’re not having it professionally inspected for damage.

Roof drainage system
Spring showers are expected to come down when ice sheets melt. With this in mind, it’s crucial to maintain clean, clear roof gutters and scuppers. Make sure that drain clamps are cinched and in place. Discard any debris that has accumulated in them over winter. Also, inspect the walls around the gutters and under the leaves for muck and spots as these impede the free flow of water to the ground when spring arrives.

Roof ventilation
As the weather becomes warmer in spring, the temperature swing can affect your roof. Ensure that your roof is richly ventilated and there are no ice dams at the edge of the roof or heat pockets in between your roof panels or membranes. Without the free traffic of air in and out of your facility through the roof’s ventilation system hot air gets trapped in. Hot air causes internal stresses that comprise the elasticity and tensile strength of your roof leading to cracks and holes that can be costly to fix.

Wall stains and dampness

Stains and watermarks on your walls indicate a possible roof leak. Water build-up leads to additional problems like mold and mildew which are unsightly, can multiply quickly, and can cause respiratory infections for employees.

Who should you call for your roofing needs?

Don’t rely on your good eyesight alone. There are lots of details on the roof that would take only a professional eye to spot.

At NIR Roof Care, Inc., we take extra care to scan your roof. Rely on our roofing specialists to search for signs of damage that may have taken place over the winter months and could generate more problems in the short term. From lose to damaged roofing materials, to fungi, and rust, our roofing experts will comb the length and width of your roof, identify every issue they find in a detailed report, and recommend the most effective course of action to restore your roof’s integrity.

NIR Roof Care, Inc. has served commercial property owners and building maintenance managers for 44 years. We service commercial, industrial and municipality clients throughout the greater Chicago and Chicagoland area, as well as areas in Northern Illinois, Southern Wisconsin, and Northwestern Indiana.

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