Want to have a really Green Roof?  It’s time to “Rethink Your Roof’s Care®”!

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Want to really have a Green Roof?  It’s time to “Rethink Your Roof’s Care®“!

 The Environmentally Responsible Roof Care Company

“Leading the charge on Environmental Responsibility since 1988”  What is a Green Roof in Commercial Roof Care?

NIR Roof Care® was founded in 1980 by Timothy K. Lynn and for the first 8 years the focus of the company was selling and installing new roofs and roof replacements.  In 1988 NIR noticed the toll that age and elemental exposure take on roofs and also that newer and better materials were being introduced into the roofing market.  The founder of NIR put an innovative plan in effect that had an enormous financial impact on his company’s clients and without even realizing it until much later, Timothy K. Lynn pioneered Environmental Responsibility in the commercial roofing industry.  Since 1988, not only has NIR Roof Care® saved their customers millions of dollars but at the same time, our environmental consciousness has helped to save the world through extending the life of your roof and keeping waste out of landfills.  Isn’t that really having a Green Roof?

  • The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports 40 million tons of roofing waste finds its permanent home in U.S. landfills every year. (EPA) This staggering amount of tear-off material constitutes approximately 25 percent of total construction waste. Commercial roofing contributed more to landfill volume in the past calendar year than many industries will contribute in the next decade.

With 80% of NIR Roof Care’s business coming from the maintenance and preservation of existing roofs and only 20% coming from new construction or re-roofing activities, NIR Roof Care, Inc.® continues to this day to live by those same principles of care that Timothy K. Lynn developed and championed back in 1988.  With 70% of roofs being replaced with 30% of their serviceable life still remaining, hundreds of thousands of dollars are being thrown away and MILLIONS of square feet of commercial roofing waste is quite literally being THROWN AWAY in landfills.

NIR Roof Care® currently maintains over 97,000,000 square feet under our trademarked NIR Roof Care Plan®.  That means that NIR Roof Care, along with our valued customers are responsible for keeping over 97 MILLION SQUARE FEET of commercial roofing waste out of landfills.

NIR Roof Care’s brand statement is that “Your Roof’s Care Is Our Concern® but it’s not only that.  Under the caring the direction and leadership of Timothy K. Lynn, the following statement is also true of NIR Roof Care, Inc.®

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