Inflation Is Having A Direct Impact On The Commercial Roofing Industry

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Across the country, commercial roofing costs are increasing due to record setting inflation.

Roofing materials are becoming increasingly more expensive, and harder to find, with no real end in sight.

With everything going on in the world, the cost of materials have increased.

Currently, the price of 1 kg of aluminum costs $3.49 as compared to last year December, where a kg of aluminum cost $2.8, that’s an increase of about 69 cents, and prices may continue to increase with each passing day.

Chief economist at RSM, a global accounting and finance firm, Joe Brusuelas says – “Regardless of how you look at it, inflation is going to be with us for a good period of time”, no words could be truer, especially with the way things continue to escalate.

The cost of roofing materials has surged in many parts of the country as inflation continues to grow, making it increasingly difficult for roofing contractors to even predict the cost of roofing for their clients.

Many businesses will start hoarding materials over fear of running out eventually, which in turn will cause more shortage of key materials in the roofing market, resulting in even higher prices. This creates unpredictability to loom over the roofing industry.

According to statista, the inflation rate rose as high as 7.9% by February 2022 as compared to last year February, which was at 1.7%. As time goes by, the purchasing power of your dollar will continue to decrease.

Why Replace When You Can Repair & Maintain?

Many commercial building owners wind up paying thousands of dollars on roof replacement when their roof is still in relatively good condition, according to the leading roofing industry experts, NIR Roof Care, Inc®.

You may end up spending thousands of dollars in replacing your commercial roof on areas that are not in need of the new membrane.

Roof replacement can also be inconvenient for your business, expensive, and often unnecessary.

Performing regular roof maintenance on your commercial roof is the ideal means of avoiding large and costly repairs, with the least cost-efficient option having to replace your roof.

Regular commercial roof maintenance will aid in the mitigation of any potential problems that could result in real damage to the inside of your building, including major water leaks on equipment and the potential shutdown of your operations.

Regardless of how old your commercial roof is, a regular roof care program is beneficial.

There are a number of options for extending the life of a roof, including flexible and durable acrylic and silicone treatments.

These coatings cover the entire surface, ensures all seams, penetrations, and voids are sealed and water tight.

However, basic, regular maintenance is the best layer of protection as well as the most cost-effective alternative now more than ever given the current state of affairs.

What you can do

With the state in the roofing industry and how volatile roofing material prices are, maintaining your current commercial roof will provide you the best value for your money. Saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in capital reserves, which represents cash set aside for unexpected emergencies in your operating budget.

Given today’s business climate, preparing a company for sudden events like inflation, business expansion, funding new equipment, and yes, unexpected business expenses or losses, is something that has to be planned for.

New commercial roofs last for about 30 — 40 years if properly maintained, and there is no better roofing expert out there that will efficiently maintain your commercial roof as NIR Roof Care, Inc® will.

The best way to deal with common commercial roof problems is to focus on prevention. It’s always preferable to detect a problem early on, before it has a chance to cause significant damage.

As a result, it is best to have your roof inspected by a licensed commercial roofing contractor like NIR Roof Care, Inc® on a regular basis.

How NIR Roof Care, Inc® will help

Regular maintenance, which begins with a thorough inspection, is the most effective technique for extending the life of your existing roof and preventing leaks on your commercial roof.

Any standing water or obvious tears, voids, or issues in your roof’s membrane should be checked by a certified and licensed roof inspector.

For any commercial roofing service needed in the greater Chicagoland area, Northwest Indian, and Southern Wisconsin chose NIR Roof Care, Inc. for the most cost-effective solution!

NIR has been in business since 1980 and is completely licensed and bonded, so you can be assured that your work is being done by highly trained and experienced roofers.

The maintenance package offered by NIR Roof Care, Inc. can extend the life of your existing roof while saving your company Hundreds of thousands of dollars in capital reserves. This is reached by following our proper Roof Management System with preventative repairs and regular service.

The NIR Roof Care Plan®, which dates back to 1988, tailors your roof’s maintenance to your company’s specific demands and budget, rest assured that your roof will be properly maintained by NIR Roof Care Inc®.

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