How to Safely Remove Snow From a Commercial Roof

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Worried you have too much snow on your roof? During the winter, knowing how to safely remove snow from a commercial roof can save you from issues and possible flat roof repair. Learn the warning signs for when it’s time for roof snow removal, and work with NIR, your trusted roofing company near you.

Roof Snow Removal: Warning Signs

Fast accumulating snow may be pretty to look at, but adding additional weight to your commercial roof could lead to major problems such as bowing, leaking, and possible collapse. Flat roofs are not designed to take on too much extra weight, so monitoring snowfall is key to maintaining the integrity of your property during winter. To avoid flat roof repair, be on the lookout for these warning signs:

  • Leaking or cracks in the ceiling and surrounding walls
  • Buckling of beams or walls
  • Major icicles forming around the roof
  • Broken or displaced ceiling tiles
  • Falling ice from the roof

Any of these signs point to too much burden on your roof and require quick attention.

Roof Snow Removal: Tips

When removing snow from your flat roof, it’s important to proceed with caution. Moving too much snow too fast can lead to injury or issue down below, so use these tips on how to safely remove snow from a commercial roof:

  1. Before you begin, take note of your building’s perimeter, removing any objects that could be damaged by falling ice. Adding caution signs or cones around walkways and exits will alert people to proceed carefully and minimize your liability risk.
  2. Carefully climb onto the roof and use a shovel to begin your roof snow removal. Be sure not to scrape the top of the roof itself, removing only the excess accumulation. Metal snow shovels can cause roof damage so use with caution.
  3. Once most of the snow has been removed, use a broom to sweep away lingering piles, ensuring the effort results in even weight distribution.
  4. For excessive ice buildup, try applying a de-icing or melting spray. Read the product label carefully to ensure it will work on your roof’s material, or consult with a roofer near you for expert verification.
  5. Don’t forget to check gutters and downspouts for icicles and snow buildups. Neglecting these areas can cause extra strain and damage, resulting in necessary flat roof repairs.

If you’re worried about performing roof snow removal on your own, find a roofing company near you to perform the task. Professional roofers can ensure your property is handled with care and help you reduce possible injury to yourself or others.

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