Inflation Combined with Supply Shortages Are Affecting the Commercial Roofing Industry

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The roofing industry is experiencing severe supply and product shortages, as well as price volatility. The cost of roofing materials has increased significantly over the past year.

As inflation continues to rise, the cost of roofing materials has skyrocketed in many parts of the country, making it more difficult for roofing contractors to anticipate the cost of roofing for their clients.

Business owners, property managers, and roofing contractors are becoming frustrated. They’re feeling the pressure from rising raw material costs, longer transit times, higher shipping rates, and now inflation creeping into everything else.

But if you’ve been thinking of evaluating, repairing, or replacing your roof, there is no better time than now to learn about what is happing in the industry as well as all of your available options.

Why is the cost of roofing in the United States still increasing?

Despite the growing demand for roofing, roofing contractors are increasingly confronted with shortages and extended lead times for roofing materials and products.

And it appears that manufacturers are feeling compelled to raise their pricing, which has a knock-on effect for local suppliers and roofers.

So, what are the factors in play here?

The Pandemic

When the COVID-19 pandemic became uncontrollable, governments all over the world were forced to take drastic measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

Total lockdowns, curfews, and movement restrictions were only a few of the measures put in place that was deemed to assist in the mitigation of the virus.

As a result, businesses such as roofing material manufacturers and suppliers had been expected to complete, halt, or curtail their typical operations.

Demand outnumbers supply because roofing materials are produced in limited quantities. As a result, the price of roofing materials has grown substantially. Although this is 2022, the effect is still felt in the roofing industry.

Shortage of Key Raw Materials

Key raw materials, such as steel and aluminum are low in availability, therefore this continues to impede the roofing industry, driving up prices and delaying deliveries.

As availability decreases, pricing continues to rise with severe logistical and transportation issues persisting at the ports. Any new projects that have not yet secured the materials needed may have to wait until next year to begin.

The War Between Ukraine and Russia

As a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, roofing contractors in the United States are experiencing inflation and supply chain problems while attempting to obtain materials.

All roofing materials are made with a base from petroleum products, including insulation. A key good form our imports is in shortage thus the rise in pricing due to the scarcity.

Because Russia is a major producer of aluminum, metal roofs made of the material may be put on hold for a while or sourced from a new supplier, thus lengthening lead times and increasing costs from buyers that depend heavily on Russia.

“The war in Ukraine and the West’s response are likely to have many implications on construction materials costs and availability,” Associated General Contractors of America, Chief Economist, Ken Simonson stated in the Data Digest released at the end of February.

With all of this still going on, you could think or feel that waiting for it to be all over is the best option. Is this, however, the case? Continue reading to find out.

The Dangers of Not Performing Regular Roof Maintenance

First and foremost, we must recognize that a commercial roof might last anywhere from 20 to 40 years. However, this does not rule out the possibility that the roof will need to be replaced within the stated time frame.

Commercial roofs that are not properly maintained will need to be replaced at or before the end of the specified period, while those that are well maintained can expect to survive significantly longer.

While it is common knowledge among commercial building owners that regular roof care will extend the life of the roof and minimize leaks, many commercial roof owners often ignore this fact. Unfortunately, commercial roof maintenance often only starts when there is a leak detected. The water from a leak can wreak havoc on a business and an owner’s bottom line can be affected in paying for the costs of emergency repairs as well as the internal damage and frustrated tents that go in tangent to the leak.

Nevertheless, a commercial roof care maintenance program can save business thousands of dollars of damages and more specifically the cost of having to replace an entire roof with good life still remaining on it.

What Can Building Owners and Property Managers Do?

Don’t replace your roof, now is the time to take what you have and make it last longer. Allow for regular preventative roof maintenance services to be completed to mitigate the chances of leaks and keep the need for roofing repair materials minimal.

Reducing your damage and emergency request will save your company a significant amount of working capital. Prolonging the roof replacement project with roof maintenance will allow you to not have to pay the 20-30 percent more than you would have had to last year.

With the cost of materials rising by the minute and the events that cause it continues to escalate, there is no better time than now to get your roof evaluated and regularly serviced.

Focusing on prevention is the best method to deal with frequent and future commercial roof problems. It’s always best to discover a problem early on when it hasn’t had a chance to cause serious damage.

Therefore, ensure that your roof is inspected regularly by licensed commercial roofing contractors like NIR Roof Care, Inc

What does NIR do to help?

NIR Roof Care, Inc.® has been in the business of maintaining and repairing commercial roofs for 42 years. We have made it our goal to prioritize quality over everything else. Whenever their services are needed, they will assign a Certified Roof Care Specialist® and a Certified Roof Management Advisor® to inspect and analyze the roof together.

With 42 years of experience, we have been able to calmly assess and design roof maintenance plans that suit the budget and size of every business owner out there. So, no matter the size of the roof and age of the building, there is always something for everyone.

With a NIR Roof Care Plan® you will keep the capital in your business during these uncertain times rather than replacing your building`s roof. Allow the proper Roof Management services to reduce budget expenses and extend your roof’s remaining life expectancy.

Implement the routine services under the NIR Roof Care Plan® SLA and extend the life of your existing roof. This will allow prolonging the replacement schedule and table the capital projects for a more suitable economic time.

On the service visits, you will receive the needed preventative repairs, debris removal, and full roof inspection.  As we take care of minor issues before they become extensive repairs, we will save your budget from the stress of the excessive material costs.

Let’s take a look at what NIR Roof Care Plan Offers

NIR Roof Care Plan®️

According to NIR Roof Care, Inc., 70 percent of roofs being replaced today still have 30 percent of their usable life left, resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars being thrown away.

A NIR Roof Care Plan®️ is the answer. The concept at NIR is to address problems before they become costly repairs, which might persuade property owners and managers to assume that the entire roof needs to be replaced.

The NIR Roof Care Plan® is the most efficient commercial roof maintenance program on the market. Consider it similar to having your car’s oil changed and tires rotated on a regular basis, which you already know is critical to extending the life of your vehicle.

A customer will be assigned a Certified Roof Management Advisor® and a Certified Roof Care Specialist® after purchasing a NIR Roof Care Plan, and they will be your team for proper roof management and roof services. The NIR Roof Care Plan® is a financial product as much as a service as the financial statement will show the benefits of our proven services.

Your assigned NIR Roof Care, Inc. Certified Roof Care Specialist® and a Certified Roof Management Advisor® will evaluate your commercial roof and share the results of any service visit with you, as well as correct any immediate concerns that may be present, so you can focus on what matters most. We will recommend only what is needed to bring your roof to its maximum performance and give you’re the most cost-efficient solutions to continue to keep capital expenses down.

The plus side is that every time a service visit is due, your assigned Certified Roof Care Specialist® will be the only one examining the roof, ensuring that your specialist is familiar with your roof as well as any potential problems it may have, as well as the locations where they occur.

Your certified Roof Care Specialist® will conduct a 27-point check at each Roof Care Plan visit and will take actions, such as:

  • Preventative Repairs
  • Debris removal/cleanings
  • Current Roof Summary Report
  • Future Major Projects to Budget for

After each inspection visit, customers receive a full detailed report that include images of any repair work performed, as well as a plan for any future repair work.

Depending on your commercial roof plan level, visits are done annually, tri-annually, quarterly, bi-monthly or monthly.
With over 97,000,000 square feet of roofs under our care, we’ve optimized all of your roofing needs. The NIR Roof Care Plan®, which was first established in 1988, customizes your roof’s care to fit your company’s needs and budget.

Our commercial roof plan minimizes leaks by 50% and extends the life of your roof by 100%.

Given the rising price of roof replacements, as well as the scarcity of materials, businesses are more aware than ever of the importance of maintaining their commercial roofs and ensuring that they endure as long as possible.

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