Snow Melts, Leaks Felt!

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As temperatures fluctuate during winter and spring, flat roof leaks from winter snow can become a major concern. Commercial roofs are prone to leaks and water damage that halt business operations, and when left unattended can result in emergency roof repair. Learn how to reduce your risk of roof leak from winter snow, and contact the team at NIR when you need roof leak repair near you!

When the snow melts, where does it go?

Snow melts when temperatures rise and these rapid changes can be hard on your roof, causing thermal shock in your roof’s membranes. The fluctuation in material expansion and contraction weakens the entire structure of your roof; even just two to four inches of melted snow can be devastating, especially if there is nowhere to drain or drainage is blocked by debris or ice. No one wants water dripping on their customers or valuable equipment, so staying on top of winter roof care is key.

Why Do Flat Roofs Leak from Winter Snow?

Commercial roof leaks are caused by any number of things. There may be dislodged materials letting water in or cracks from constant melting and freezing of heavy snow.

Other reasons for flat roof leaks from winter snow include:

  • Ice dams: These icy barriers on the edge of your roof trap water on top, forcing the melting snow to find another escape.
  • Roof membrane cracks: The repeated freezing and thawing cycle of winter snow can cause your roof’s waterproof membrane to warp and crack, letting water in through the exposed seams.
  • Vulnerable flashings: Flashings can typically stand up to rain without worry, but when snow blows in from all angles, water can sneak through these components and cause leaks.
  • Faulty seams: If there is even the slightest space in between panels or roof membranes, snow is likely to get in and melt.

In any case, a sudden leak will bring your business to a halt if you wait to repair. The incoming warm weather distracts us from our roofs’ health until a leak emergency strikes.


Roof Leak Repair Near Me

Do you have a survival plan for when your roof leaks winter snow? Your roof is too important to neglect, so when you need emergency roof repair near you, reach out to the experts at NIR! We are your go-to for repairs and emergency service, with Certified Roof Care Specialists you can trust and 24/7/365 care you can count on. Waiting to repair a leak is too costly to risk, so contact NIR today!

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