Are Commercial Solar Panels Worth It?

solar panels attached to rooftop
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solar panels attached to rooftop

Absolutely. It’s impossible to argue that commercial solar panels aren’t worth it for your Chicago or Joliet business. Read on to learn about the benefits of solar panels for commercial buildings, and how to find the proper commercial size solar panels for your business in Milwaukee. Then, if you have questions or would like a consultation, reach out to NIR Roofing, Inc. for help and a free quote

The Benefits of Commercial Solar Panels  

If you’re considering solar panels for your commercial buildings in Madison, rest assured, they’re worth it. Solar panels are one of the smartest investments you can make, and start-up costs are more affordable than you might think. Take a moment to learn about why commercial solar panels are such a smart investment:

  • Solar panels reduce the amount of UV radiation that hits your roof, increasing its lifespan. 
  • Solar panels raise property values by thousands of dollars. 
  • Solar panels pay for themselves and then some by providing years of savings on electricity. 
  • Solar panels show potential customers about your business’s commitment in and investment in green technologies. 
  • As the world shifts to renewable energy, expect solar panels to be a guaranteed appreciating asset. 

Differences Between Commercial Solar Panels vs. Residential 

The main difference between solar panels for commercial buildings and solar panels for domiciles is that commercial size solar panels tend to be larger. This is because the average commercial property is larger than the average house, and commercial buildings are more likely to feature flat roofs as opposed to residential roofs, which are often sloped. It’s best to have lighter panels on sloped shingles because heavy panels can slowly drag their bolts out of your shingles over time. This is usually less of a concern with commercial solar panels, since so many businesses have flat roofs. Because solar panels for commercial buildings are larger, they’re slightly more efficient. 

Have Questions About Solar Panels for Commercial Buildings? 

If you have further questions about commercial-size solar panels, give NIR Roofing, Inc. a call at 1.800.221.ROOF. We can help you determine what the best commercial solar panels are for your business and provide you with a free inspection quote using satellite imaging.

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