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“Your Roof’s Care is Our Concern®

At NIR, we are FOCUSED on caring for and extending the life of your Roof, all while providing outstanding services.

“NIR Roof Care Plan®

Your NIR Roof Care Plan® will reduce Roof leaks by 50% and increase the life of your Roof by 100%, all with a return on investment (ROI) of “Dollars for each Penny” invested into your NIR Roof Care Plan ®.

The Service Visit – Your building will be assigned a NIR Certified Roof Care Specialist®(RCS).  RCS will check in with the building contact person, to determine if there are any leaks or other concerns that need to be taken care of during the service visit, before going on the roof.  RCS will then proceed to the roof to perform the Roof Service, a comprehensive 27-Point Roof Inspection with detailed before and after photos of problem areas.  Minor Repairs will be performed within the service visit and roof debris will be bagged and removed, leaving the roof in the best condition possible.

The Initial Repairs are performed to bring your Roof up to a maintainable level. After the first Service Visit, repairs above and beyond the service visit will be outlined as an addition to the NIR Roof Care Plan ® and will be completed only after gaining approval by the building owner or representative.

The On-Going Service Visits will occur 2 to 4 times each year depending on the age and condition of your roof at the start of your NIR Roof Care Plan®. Your assigned NIR Certified Roof Care Specialist® will return for each Service Visit and be available to you during normal business hours by direct company phone line and direct company E-Mail.  Our After-Hours On-Call NIR Certified Roof Care Specialist® will be available to you 365 days a year with guaranteed service by calling 1-800-221-ROOF (7663) or by clicking Schedule Service on our website at www.nir.com.  From the time an after-hours roof leak is reported, your On-Call NIR Certified Roof Care Specialist® will be on site within two hours or less or the Service Call is Free!!

The Additional Repairs will be determined after each Service Visit and will be added to your NIR Roof Care Plan® to extend the life of your Roof as long as possible.  Additional repair work will be completed only after approval is given by the building owner or representative.

The Total Roof Replacement will be our last resort, only after every means possible has been exhausted to keep your existing roof in a useful condition and to keep your building dry and leak free.  You will be provided with a roof replacement budget for planning purposes. Budget for the roof replacement cost. Use the ROI to pay for your NIR Roof Care Plan® and keep the capital in your business or investment account!

“Certified Roof Care Specialist®

All of NIR’s Professional Roofers have been Certified at the NIR Turnkey Training Center and all perform Roof Service the same way.  We call this the “NIR Way.”  We will assign each building a NIR Certified Roof Care Specialist® to return for each Service Visit.  “NIR Certified Roof Care Specialist® is our Predictable Service Standard!” “Each Time! Every Time! On Time!”

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