UV Damage and Your Roof

Flat roof with skylight and hydro insulation membranes
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Light is a spectrum, and only part of it is visible to the naked eye. About 10 percent of that spectrum is composed of invisible UV rays, otherwise known as ultraviolet radiation. You’ve probably worried about the damage UV rays can do to your skin while tanning on North Ave. Beach in Chicago or on the Dunes in Indiana, but did you know that UV rays can also damage your business’s roof? Take a moment to learn about the roofing issues ultraviolet radiation can cause, what precautions you should take, and how NIR in Huntley can help. Then, explore our commercial roofing services and contact us to book an appointment!

How Can UV Light Damage Your Roof?

Even non-UV sunlight can dry out your shingles and make them more brittle. UV light, however, causes the materials in your roof to deteriorate over time. One of the tell-tale signs of UV light damage is a phenomenon known as “blistering.” If you see little welts in your shingles, your roof may be compromised. Here are a few of the components of your roof that UV light breaks down:

  • Sealant: This is what keeps your roof together and keeps ice, water, and snow from leaking through and wreaking havoc on your ceiling.
  • Shingles: UV damage can cause your shingles to buckle, blister, or bleach.

The primary threat: If you continue to let your roof breakdown in extreme sunlight, it will become less water resistant. Eventually, your building will experience water damage.

How Can NIR Roof Care, Inc.® Help?

At NIR, we can do a full diagnostic of your Milwaukee business’s roof, using thermal imaging to detect potential weak spots where water may leak through. If we detect vulnerabilities in your roof, we can coat it with a protective water-barrier that also helps to deflect sunlight, so your roof will be more resistant to UV radiation in the future. We can even provide a quote for your roof repair before we inspect it by using satellite imaging!

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