Are Solar Panels Bad for Your Roof?

solar panels attached to rooftop
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solar panels attached to rooftop

Solar panels are often bolted into the shingles of roofs and can very rarely cause problems with leakage. This shouldn’t be a major concern when deciding whether to install them, especially when you turn to a reputable company. If you’re considering installing solar panels on the roof of your business, read on to learn about the considerations you should take. We’ll answer the questions, “Do solar panels ruin your roof?” and “Can you get leaks from solar panels?” in greater detail. If you have further questions or need a commercial roof inspection, contact NIR, Roofing, Inc. We provide commercial roofing services to businesses in Joliet, Chicago, Rockford, Madison, Milwaukee, and beyond. 

Do Solar Panels Ruin Your Roof? 

So, are solar panels bad for your roof? Nope. Solar panels often implement bolts and nails. While these will puncture holes in your shingles, your installer should seal these holes. That is to say that if your panels have been properly installed, you shouldn’t have issues. In fact, solar panels are more likely to protect your roof than destroy it. This is because they absorb heat and UV radiation, which deteriorate your roof over time. It’s said that solar panels block out so much sun on the roof that your house’s internal temperature can drop by up to 5 degrees. This can increase the lifespan of your roof dramatically. 

Can You Get Leaks from Solar Panels? 

If you came here wondering if you can get leaks from solar panels, it’s possible if they’ve been improperly installed. This is rare, however. Your installer should seal the holes created by the nails from the panels. If they don’t, or if they install panels that are too large and heavy for your roof, which can drag the nails out over time, you may experience issues with leaking. This scenario would be a fluke, however, and when you turn to NIR Roofing, Inc., you won’t have problems. 

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Can you get leaks from solar panels? Are solar panels bad for your roof? The short answer is no. Solar panels are far more likely to extend the life of your roof than cause problems. To get a consultation from NIR Roofing, Inc., explore our services and get a free quote via satellite imaging. While you’re here, explore our roofing faqs for other helpful reads, including our overview of what makes a roof green!

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