Does Installing Solar Panels Void Your Roof Warranty?

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solar panels attached to rooftop

If you’re installing solar panels on a roof with a warranty, you might be wondering if your roof warranty can be voided by installing panels. The fact is, the portion of your roof that has panels on it will no longer be covered by your warranty. However, the installer of your solar panels will provide that portion of the roof with coverage. Simply put, your original roof warranty may be partially voided, but your roof will retain full coverage.

Read on to learn more about solar panel roof warranty considerations, and if you have questions along the way, contact NIR Roofing, Inc. We’re a leading commercial roofer, serving Joliet, Chicago, Rockford, Milwaukee, and Madison. 

The Best Way to Smoothly Ensure Full Coverage for Your Roof Warranty 

So, do solar panels void your roof warranty? As we mentioned previously, a roof warranty can be voided by installing panels, but only the section of roof covered in panels will lose coverage, and your panel installers will cover the section they install panels on. To be cautious, however, it doesn’t hurt to let your original roof manufacturer know that you’re installing panels. In many cases, the original roofer will remove the shingles where the panels will be placed. This gives you and the original roofer an opportunity to come to an agreement about the specifics of the updated original roof warranty coverage, and helps to protect your interest if future disputes arise.

Have More Questions About Solar Panels or Your Roof Warranty? 

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