MONEY OVER YOUR HEAD! Preventive Maintenance Roofing

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There was a time when roofs were not a maintenance item. That was before single ply roofs and all the new advances in materials to care for them were introduced into the roofing industry.

But the days of neglecting your roof are over and are no longer thought of as a broke/fix item, where they get damaged and then just replaced. They are far too expensive and part of the reason for this is that many roofing materials are made from petroleum, of which the price continues to rise year after year. At a cost of $7 or more per square foot, a 45,000 square foot roof is worth $315,000! The fact is that many roofs are replaced well before they need to be as a result that this is an easy solution to a problem that may have a much less expensive and cost-effective solution. In fact, their is often 30% or more of life remaining in these roofs which would result in throwing away more than $100,000 in our example!

The truth is that roofs do not deteriorate all of a sudden. Constant exposure to water, sun, wind and cold temperatures all create thermal mechanical movement, causing ongoing wear and tear. Regular roof care will not only address smaller decay before it causes a more costly matter and a disruption to the interior of the building, but is proven to increase the overall life of the roof system.

See, it is understood that building owners and property/facility managers have numerous things they are responsible for on a daily basis, and the roof is not generally a high priority. However, once that roof begins to leak, the roof becomes a the number one priority. The reality is, when responding to the needs of the roof in this fashion, a lot more money is being spent then needs to be.

Ultimately, it’s not about “preventative roof maintenance.” That gives the owner/manager the impression that someone is simply giving the roof a once over, a check-up if you will. The truth is, the roof is comprised of many different materials (i.e. rubber, wood, metal, caulk, etc.) and all of these materials expand/contract and deteriorate at different intervals. So ultimately, a roof care plan should address the decay that is happening on a daily basis, before it results in a leak, as a result of the natural forces of Mother Nature. Stop thinking of roof care as an optional line item in the budget and know that there is serious money to be saved on your depreciating asset that protects all of your precious assets on the inside.

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