NIR Roof Care, Inc. Celebrates 42nd Anniversary in Business

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NIR Roof Care, Inc.® is proud to be marking its 42nd year in business!

Timothy K. Lynn founded NIR Roof Care, Inc® in 1980. Timothy had the vision to create and grow a trustworthy and dependable firm that would provide actual solutions to the challenges that come with owning a roof.

NIR began as a modest commercial roofing firm in Marengo, Illinois. Over time, it expanded to become one of the largest and most respected roofing firms in the Tri-State area, which includes Chicago, Northern Illinois, Southern Wisconsin, and Northwest Indiana. The company works with clients in several major industries, including municipalities, factories, warehouses, education, health care, hospitality, non-profits, and more.

In 1988, Timothy K. Lynn created the NIR RoofTop Maintenance Program® combining his 25 years of roofing experience alongside his burning entrepreneurial spirit.

He changed the company’s name to NIR Roof Care, Inc® in 2014 to represent the company’s caring mentality. The NIR RoofTop Maintenance Program® has evolved into the NIR Roof Care Plan® over the last 26 years.

Fast-forward, NIR Roof Care, Inc.® has established itself as the industry leader in providing commercial and industrial roofing services that are not only cost-effective but also extremely efficient, extending the lifespan of several roofs.

Celebrating our 42nd anniversary is an amazing milestone, one that we are both proud of and humbled by, as we know full well, an incredible amount of diligence and faith was required to achieve it”, says Timothy Lynn, President, and Founder of NIR Roof Care, Inc.®

NIR laid great emphasis on quality over everything else. Whenever their services are required, they assign a Certified Roof Care Specialist® to service your roof, while a Certified Roof Management Advisor® assists in managing and budget planning.

NIR made it its mission to extend the functional lifespan of its customer’s current roofing system, allowing them to get the most out of their investment, while also reducing their roofing expenses by decreasing annual leaks.

NIR Roof Care, Inc.® then developed programs that focused on doing just that. Here is what Timothy K. Lynn has to say about it — “Hundreds of thousands of dollars in capital expenditures that would have been spent on a replacement roof were saved as a result of this,” Mr. Lynn adds. “That savings can now go back into a client’s business in the form of new equipment, larger warehouses, more employees, and more.

Timothy K. Lynn, the founder, and CEO of NIR Roof Care, Inc.®, has made it a priority to provide the best services to all of his clients, regardless of their budget. This, he has proved countless times.

“We will always take good care of your roof. We know that when we do just that, we are taking good care of you!  You are the reason NIR is in business, and we want you to know that we will always put your money to its best use.” — explains Timothy K. Lynn, CEO, and Founder of NIR Roof Care, Inc.®.

Timothy K. Lynn didn’t stop there; in addition to working hard to build his clients and providing them with the finest possible service, he also made sure to foster a healthy work atmosphere that allowed NIR employees to pursue successful careers. As a result, Timothy’s original vision for the company still holds strong.

NIR Roof Care, Inc.® serves the Chicagoland area, as well as northern Illinois, southern Wisconsin, and Northwestern Indiana. Whether your company is located in Crystal Lake, Rockford, Joliet, or Schaumburg, you’ll get the same level of service as if it were right next to their headquarters.

Despite massive changes in the roofing industry, downturns in the economy, a pandemic, and remarkable technological advancements, Mr. Lynn emphasizes that NIR is still a family-run business at heart, delivering high-quality commercial roofing services and a drive to grow and expand.

Thank you to our many customers, friends, and employees that made all of this possible over the years,” says Mr. Lynn.

NIR has always put the requirements of their customers first, to deliver the best roof maintenance possible, and this turned them into the regional and national authority they are today.

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