Are Commercial Solar Panels Worth It?

solar panels attached to rooftop

Absolutely. It’s impossible to argue that commercial solar panels aren’t worth it for your Chicago or Joliet business. Read on to learn about the benefits of solar panels for commercial buildings, and how to find the proper commercial size solar panels for your business in Milwaukee. Then, if you have questions or would like a […]

Skylights need extra care!

How to Take Care of Your Skylights If you have skylights, it’s important to prevent water leaks by practicing proper skylight care. Take a moment to educate yourself about why skylights leak, as well as the different types of preventive maintenance you can perform to keep skylight problems from arising down the line. If you […]

UV Damage and Your Roof

Light is a spectrum, and only part of it is visible to the naked eye. About 10 percent of that spectrum is composed of invisible UV rays, otherwise known as ultraviolet radiation. You’ve probably worried about the damage UV rays can do to your skin while tanning on North Ave. Beach in Chicago or on […]

Simple Solutions to Complex Roofing Problems: Black vs. White Roofing 

In this era of continued rising energy costs and concerns about the environment, choosing the right roofing system is often a complex problem that contractors, architects, and building owners face. The old rule of thumb when choosing between black and white roofing was “white is always right”, but now, empirical data is causing many authoritative […]

Snow Melts, Leaks Felt!

As temperatures fluctuate during winter and spring, flat roof leaks from winter snow can become a major concern. Commercial roofs are prone to leaks and water damage that halt business operations, and when left unattended can result in emergency roof repair. Learn how to reduce your risk of roof leak from winter snow, and contact […]

How to Safely Remove Snow From a Commercial Roof

Worried you have too much snow on your roof? During the winter, knowing how to safely remove snow from a commercial roof can save you from issues and possible flat roof repair. Learn the warning signs for when it’s time for roof snow removal, and work with NIR, your trusted roofing company near you. Roof […]

How Long Does it Take to Install a Commercial Roof?

Roofer Installing a Commercial Roof

Commercial roof installation is an immense job for Chicago-area businesses and roofers alike. Not only is roof installation expensive, but in some cases, it can affect your business if the building needs to be closed for repairs. It’s understandable then that many Joliet-area business owners want to know how long it takes to replace a […]

Which is the right choice for my Commercial Flat Roof? TPO or EPDM?

This is one of the most common questions we get asked.  With NIR’s goal of extending the life of your Commercial Flat roof, this is a question with many factors to consider.  We put together this helpful article to help all of our building owners and managers understand the pros and cons of both to […]

Falling Ice Creates Major Problems for Commercial Buildings  

During the winter, nearly all buildings have several inches of thick ice sitting beneath the layers of snow. Once this ice begins to melt, it can create dangerous situations such as ice falling from your roof, especially with commercial flat roofing. “Unless you are prepared for this, it can happen before you know it,” said […]

Preventative Maintenance – Six Benefits for Your Roof

Adding a roof preventative maintenance program is a necessary investment when it comes to caring for your commercial flat roof. Regular care and inspections help increase the lifetime of your roof and cut down on emergency roof repair, ensuring that the money you spend in roof maintenance program costs helps you save money in the […]